MSIC was opened on the  year 1988 as Single Proprietor Business License wholly owned by the present  C. E. O.   but was  later  changed to Corporation on  year 1994 due to the volume of imports they  handle.  More investors poured in,  Mcken then, concentrated on food line  for  five (5) years  and when its channel of distribution was firm already,  Mcken  decided to expand into non-food products due to the demand of their clients (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao). Agricultural products, stationeries, chemicals, raw materials,  promotional  items,  food items,  furniture  etc. are one of the few lines Mcken  import.  Some  of  the  countries  Mcken  import  from are US, Canada, South Africa, Vietnam, India, Burma, Australia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan to name a few.

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